Have you heard of SquareSpace cover pages? These unique and versatile web pages are great way to add a bit of flair to your creative endeavors. Below are four unique ways to utilize these cover pages to make a powerful introduction.

  1. Collecting email addresses.  Whether your website is under construction (or not yet begun!), you're about to launch something new, or you just want to grow your email list, a SquareSpace cover page is the perfect solution.
  2. Promoting anything.  If you're launching a new product, podcast, or course, cover pages allow you to present and promote before people move on into your regular website.
  3. Sell something.  Cover pages can be a free, high-converting landing page for a digital product or service. Send people to your sales page or create the opt-in directly on the cover page.
  4. Elevate your homepage.  Cover pages can be a great pause for people before entering your site. By using a cover page as your homepage, you can also be very specific about where you send people on your website.

These are just a few options but I'd love to hear more! Comment below or holla at me if you've used SquareSpace cover pages in a unique way!