I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about the branding and web design for my podcast, Engaged! This is one of my fave projects to date. I started this podcast because I was feeling a lack of authenticity out there in the wedding industry. It often feels like a lot of fluff (bouquets and sequins and napkins, oh my!) and not a lot of real talk. What if you're planning the wedding while you two live in separate places? Or how do you plan a wedding if you just want to have a barefooted love party in your backyard? (Hint: Here's how). What do you do if you start planning a wedding and then find out your pregnant! Yep, that's a future episode.


It's been great to get advice and hear real stories from couple who've done the wedding planning dance. But of course, I can't do anything without branding it! #designerd

This is just a peek at the website's design. If you want to see more of the website or listen to some of the episodes, head on over this-a-way. We'd love to have you listen!!