When I discover a new trick on SquareSpace I get so excited because...

A) I have a new tool in my toolkit when building client websites.
B) I get to share it with you! Because if I didn't know this existed, chances are other people don't either.

I recently discovered a super helpful, and super simple way to create a pop-up form for your SquareSpace website.  And you can do it without any custom code or tech-savvy-ness. 

Just follow the 4 simple steps below.

  1. Open your Content Block options, and click Add Form.

2)  Create your form in the normal way, adding the fields you need. Then click the Advanced tab.

3) In the Advanced tab, click the circle next to "Enable Lightbox Mode". This is the key to making your form pop-up, verses just sit on your page as a regular form. You can also write the call-to-action text you want for your pop-up button in the "Open Button Label" field.

4) And TA - DA ! You just created a pop-up form on your SquareSpace site!

You rock.

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