Since Instagram is such a great place to connect and share socially, I love sharing recent Go Live in 5 projects on there! The problem I always have with sharing websites is that it's hard to get a sense of an interactive site in a static square image. So I created a scroll effect and shared it as a video. This give a MUCH better sense of the site when you actually view it online.

Since I've been sharing these scrolling website mockups, people just keep asking me: How do you create a scroll effect for your website mockup?? So today, I'm listing out the exact step-by-step process so you can do it, too! 

*Tiny note: I use QuickTime and Photoshop for this process (and I have a Mac). This is not a sponsored post, but these are the programs I recommend.

Step 1

01. Open QuickTime
02. Click File > New Screen Recording
03. Click the red record button


04. Adjust the selection tool to crop just the screen

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.56.41 AM.png

05. Click Start Recording
06. Scroll through the page you want to record
07. Save the recording

Step 2


01. Open Photoshop
02. Add your computer mockup to layer 1
03. Add a shape that covers the computer mockup screen to layer 2
04. Drop in your recorded file (should be mp4 format)
05. Create clipping mask that pulls the recording into the shape you created from step 03
06. Open the Timeline (usually below your art window
07. In the dropdown that says Create Frame Animation, change that to Create Video Timeline. This will add all your layers to the timeline.
08. Pull each layer in the Timeline to match the length of your video
09. To save, click Export > Render Video

That's it! 


Not too hard, right? Have another tutorial idea or question you'd like answered? Let me know!